Reality of 2017 – Hackers and Cybersecurity – A Priority Like Never Before
Learn What To Do – Hire Someone – Stay at Risk – Or Get Offline (Not an Option for me)

  1. Why is WordPress being attacked? Because it is the most common CMS in the world, approaching 30% of all websites, the hackers go after the masses. Even though no platform or system is immune from the bad guys, WordPress is a target, so you must do the steps to lessen your chances and prevent a problem, rather than cleaning up one that has already happened,
  2. Why would they want or find my site? Because they make software to looking for a site they can break into. Like a thief going up and down the street look for unlocked doors, they find one, they can and do reek havoc. They make money from clicks, stolen traffic, spam, spoofing for undesirable advertisers. Or they just enjoy doing damage for no reason. Regardless, if you don’t do all you can, it is like leaving your doors wide open to your home when you know at anytime a bad guy will come by and wiggle the door.

Do these steps below! or get help from some to do them ASAP. Call me at 7708263662

1. GET OFF SHARED HOSTING…Move your website hosting to a single WordPress managed shared hosting account, or get dedicated server. A VPS is better than shared hosting account. But do not put multiple websites on a shared hosting account anymore. One domain per hosting account. With managed WordPress, you are backed up regularly, Core files, Plugins and Themes are updated automatically.
2. Do not use login name admin ever, and make long secure passwords, nothing easy to remember, hack or guess.
Wordpess will create secure passwords, use them and change ever so often is good idea
3. Hide your login page with WPS Hide Login plugin
4. Use Wordfence plugin to scan your site daily to check for malware or problems
5. Pay for SiteLock prevent software as well
6. Double backup your site with Updraft plugin
7. Consider using Clef plugin with the Clef smartphone app, even more secure admin login two step authentication

With these steps in place, you are not guaranteed you will never be hacked or compromised,
but with regular backups, you can clean the mess quickly and restore back to a safe point, change your passwords and with these systems in places head off a problem before it ever happens.

If you don’t do any of this, you could have a miserable, costly experience to fix and restore your website.
Leaving WordPress is not the answer, getting offline is not the answer. ignore these steps is not the answer,
doing them asap is.

To a great 2017 and success in all you do. Mike Stewart

If you want help with these steps, call me at 7708263662