Best Practices for Local Businesses

No matter what your business is, people today find you online,  more on their phones than ever before, and from the information they find will decide to spend money with you or just move on to someone else one click or thumb swipe away looking for who they believe has the solution and offer they are looking for. People spend money when they are convinced and trust you have what they want, need or solves their problem. Finding you is called traffic, deciding to engage with you or buy from you is conversion. Master traffic and conversion better than your closest competition, you win!

Mike Stewart 2019

Steps to Local Traffic and Conversion For Each Website

  1. Own and control the perfect .com URL, web address, others ok, but we are in a .com world – Consider owning your .live name as well
  2. Own and control secure hosting with a reputable host. I use and sell
  3. Master a content management system (CMS) WordPress is the world’s most used web CMS. Wordpress is responsive so works on all devices. When done correctly opens up for management of great content such as text, photos, audio and video. Content is still king online and video the biggest opportunity. Fresh content creates search engine indexing, relevancy, and increases being found for more money making key phrase searches
  4. Make your brochure conversion content current and add updates on regular basis – blogging or online newsletter
  5. Make your blogging audio and video which is podcasting – a way to promote and advertise your business for free
  6. YouTube associated channel and regular content configured with back links, descriptions, annotations and tags optimized correctly for SEO
  7. Google Analytics, you can’t improve what you don’t measure
  8. Facebook Business pages, events and groups for more engagement and back links Posting great content, going live, re-purposing content from website, YouTube and live streams
  9. Google Places configured and implemented – Get 50 plus 5 star reviews.. no excuses, do it!
  10. Moz Local after all above is in place – RevLocal and Tradewind Software.. ask me about that.. not free, but  really important
  11. Optional – Email marketing from subscriber op-tins –
  12. Get comfortable with a live streaming video on Facebook and YouTube to house on your .live URL
  13. Know your traffic conversion key phrases. Only spend money on paid aafter you know your money making key phrases. Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Video, Yahoo Search, Bing Paid Search being the biggest places to buy traffic. But this is only after you know your phrases, and you experience conversion from steps 1-12

Some businesses can have multiple websites, but these steps are done for each URL and the content unique to each one. When you master one, then you can move on to another.

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